November 2021 Communique


“The Nice Church Lady”


Post written by: Kelli Ray Gibson, ECCT’s Racial Justice Resource Coordinator

Back in the spring of this year, Betty Silva’s, President of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW), president’s page message centered on change. It started with a quote from a sign she had read, “Let go of what you can’t change”.  Little did Betty realize just how much change we would be called upon to make in our everyday lives. Saddened that they were unable to hold their Annual Meeting in May, Betty was inspired to somehow be the change she wanted to see.

After watching the horrific headlines of the racial unrest following the George Floyd murder and learning about the discrimination of a small black girl in her local community because of her hair,  Betty was invigorated to show up on the side of the oppressed.

Due to the surplus of the funds and because ECW was unable to hold the Annual Meeting, Betty thought it best to intentionally use those funds to support programs on racial justice and support the Black Lives Matter movement. ECW is proud to have supported 14 hunger outreach programs, 8 human needs projects, special assistance programs, 5 clergy daughter scholarships, a donation to Camp Washington, and, with the help of her region missionary Maggie Breen and ECCT Racial Justice resource coordinator Kelli Gibson, a strategic gift to the Center for Children’s Advocacy. 

“If we don’t start showing them (young people) that they mean something now by the time they’re adults you lost them” 

– Betty Silva

“We can’t thank you enough for your generous grant! Your support will help us fight for racial justice for children and youth whose opportunities and well-being are threatened by systemic racism.” 

 – Martha Stone, ED Center for Children’s Advocacy

Please find the complete list of programs supported by the ECW below. Perhaps there is one that your Parish group could become involved with.

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