Triennial Meeting 2012

News from the Triennial Meeting: Many Paths, One Journey

The Province 1 ECW Delegation to the Triennial Meeting 2012      Indianapolis, Indiana

United Thank Offering News from Triennial

On Saturday, July 7th, the Triennial Meeting received a report from the INC-055 Ad-Hoc Committee on the Study of the United Thank Offering.  The Committee, appointed by the Presiding Bishop in 2008, worked with the United Thank Offering Committee (Now Board) over the last triennium to look at the structure and function of the United Thank Offering and its role for the future.  The summary of their work and a new set of bylaws can be found in the 2012 “Blue Book”  on pp 644-668. Or you can read it here: click here

This report will guide all who work with the United Thank Offering and everyone will benefit from reading the portion called “The Theology of Thankfulness.”

The Convention Eucharist Offering for UTO was $37, 380.91

A photo view of the Triennial Meeting


The 5K Run/Walk

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