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Sally North – Province I Repetitive to CPC  Contact

Like the Widow’s Mite was worth the search, the penny is worth the picking up…..Here’s why.  In 1988 the Church Periodical Club, a ministry affiliated with the Episcopal Church, celebrated its 100th anniversary and one thing they did was establish the Mile of Pennies (“MOP”) Grant Award.

So how much money does a mile of pennies make?  $844.80!  And that’s the most a grant can be! It really is quite clever.  The collection of the smallest of our coins provides for grants for books and materials for children from kindergarten through high school. It makes good use of our least coin to do great good for children!

If we pool our pennies, we can make that almost worthless coin do great things! Won’t you join us in making good use of our least coin to fund books and materials for young people?  One mile at a time! If you would like to contribute save your pennies and:

  • Make check to: Province 1 ECW with MOP in the memo.
  • Mail to Province 1 ECW c/o Phyllis Larson, PO Box 138, Agawam, MA 01001

To find out more about “MOP” and how to apply for a grant, please go to the Church Periodical Club website: There you will find a tab for Miles of Pennies.